Volume – 2 : Issue – 4

Archives : Volume 2, Issue 4: July – August 2012

Research Articles

S.No. Title Download
1 Synthetic Approach Towards Pyrimido [4, 5-B] Quinoline With 2-Substituted Derivatives And Study Of Antimicrobial Activity download pdf
Sambhaji P. Vartale, Nilesh K. Halikar, Prashant N. Ubale and Niwrati S. Pawar
2 Green Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles Using Adhatoda Vasica Methanolic Extract And Its Biological Activities download pdf
Shalini Bandi, Dr. K Vasundhara
3 TL And PL Study Of Beta Irradiated Calcite Collected From Semaria Mines Of C.G. Basin download pdf
Vikas Dubey, Jagjeet Kaur, Suryanarayana N.S, K.V.R.Murthy
4 Extracellular Bio-Synthesis Of Gold Nanoparticles Using Escherichia Coli And Deciphering The Role Of Lactate-Dehydrogenase Using Ldh Knock Out E. Coli download pdf
Goldie Oza, Sunil Pandey, Madhuri Sharon
5 Cyclic Voltammetry Of Copper (Ii) Ions At Various Ph Values. Mononuclear Copper (Ii)-Diethylenetriamine Complexes download pdf
E. J. Ukpong and I. A. Udoetok
6 Saccharification With Phanerochaete Chrysosporium And Ethanol Production With Saccharomyces Cerevisiae download pdf
Ajeet Kumar Srivastava and Pushpa Agrawal
7 Synthesis And Characterization Of A Polyaniline (Pani)/ Polymethacrylic Acid Composite download pdf
Pradipta Kumar Pradhan and P.L Nayak