Volume – 7 : Issue – 5

Vol-7: Issue-5
S.No. Title
1 Heteroaromatization with 4-phenyldiazenyl-1-naphthol. Part II: One-pot synthesis and DFT study of 4H-naphthopyran derivatives
Ashraf Hassan Fekry Abd El-Wahab, Tarek Ma’mon El-Gogary Research Article download pdf
2 Methimazole induced hypothyroidism alters histological structure of kidney in albino rat: A preliminary study
Srikanta Guria Research Article download pdf
3 Diverse Bioactive Secondary Metabolites from Penicillium sp.1P
Abdelaaty Hamed, Mohammad M. El-Metwally, Marcel Frese, Tarek M. A. Ibrahim, Atef F. El-Haddad, Norbert Sewald and Mohamed Shaaban Research Article download pdf
4 Alteration of testicular cytomorphology in albino rats in alloxan induced diabetes: A histological study
Srikanta Guria Research Article download pdf