Volume – 4 : Issue – 6

Vol-4: Issue-6
S.No. Title
1 Effect Of Fosmite ( 50% Ec)An Organophosphate On Protein Levels Of Freshwater Fish Labeo Rohita (Hamilton)
A. Anitha, V. Venkatarathnamma, M. Jagadish Naik Research Article download pdf
2 A Novel Ayurvedic Synthesis Of Γ-Fe2o3 Nanoparticles, Characterization: Antimicrobial Activity
Tambur Pavani, K.VenkateswaraRao, Ch.Shilpa Chakra, Y.T.Prabhu Research article download pdf
3 Genetic Analysis Of The Purity Of Seeds Of Indian Major Carps Using Polymorphic Dna Markers
Silpita Paul, Bidisha Adhikary, Biswabandhu Bankura, Arup Kumar Pattanayak, Samir Banerjee, Madhusudan Das Research article download pdf
4 Structural Properties, Theory Functional Calculations (Dft), Natural Bond Orbital And Energies For The Two New Compositions Of Halo Organic Isomers
Shahriar Ghammamy, NoorAhmad Qaitmas, Amir Lashgari Research article download pdf