Volume – 4 : Issue – 2

Vol-4: Issue-2
S.No. Title
1 Assessment of drinking water quality in al hawata-wadelageili,
Gadarif state, sudan
Hago M. Abdel-Magid, Abdelmonem M. Abdellah, Jafar A. A. Abdelrahman and Fathia
A. Adam
Research Article download pdf
2 Synthesis, characterization, and antimicrobial studies of some
Novel transition metal complexes with schiff base ligand derived From sulfonamide
Abdulaziz. Ali. Alomari Research Article download pdf
3 Electro chemical reduction behavior and determination of Azomethine group containing herbicides at carbon nano tubes Paste electrode
T.R.Babu, P. Sujana, S.R. Sekhar Reddy Research Article download pdf