Volume – 3 : Issue – 6

Vol-3: Issue-6
S.No. Title
1 Synthesis Structural Characterization, Antimicrobial And Cytotoxic Studies On Some Novel Transition Complexes With No Bidentate Schiff’s Base Ligand Derived From Sulfaguanidine With Molecular Orbital Calculations
Ahmed A. El-Henawy, Badr A. Elsayed, Sultna A.S. Ali Research Article download pdf
2 Synthesis, Characterization, Stereochemistry And Dft Study Of 2-Amino-4-Benzo[H[Chromene Derivatives
Ahmed Elhenawy, Hany M. Mohamed, Ahmed M. El-Agrody Research Article download pdf
3 Suaeda Fruticosa (L) Frossk. A potential bioenergy crop for in arable lands of Pakistan
Rashid Mahmood, Muhammad Umar Hayyat, Syed Waseem Hassan, Rab Nawaz, Atika Subhani, Kiran Irshad Research Article download pdf
4 Biochemical Changes Induced By Cypermethrin (10% Ec), A Pyrethroid Compound In Sub-Lethal And Lethal Concentrations To The Fresh Water Fish Cirrhinus Mrigala (Hamilton)
Veeraiah K, Vivek Ch, Srinivas Rao P, G Venkatrao Research Article download pdf