Volume – 3 : Issue – 4

Vol-3: Issue-4
S.No. Title
1 Synthesis And Antioxidant Activity Of Some Derivatives Of 2-(2-Oxo-4-Phenyl-2h-Chromen-7-Yloxy) Aceto-Hydrazide
Mahmoud Mohamed Abd El-All, Ahmed Hamdy Halawa, Ahmed Abd El-Hameed Hassan, Mohamed Ahmed El-Nassag, Gehad Abd El-Raheem Abd El-Jaleel, Essam Mohamed Eliwa, Ahmed Hammam Bedair Research Article download pdf
2 Native Potato Starch (Nps) Blended With Polypropylene: Effect Of Soil Burial On Mechanical Properties
Obasi Henry C Research Article download pdf
3 A Developed Process For The Synthesis Of Tryptophol, A Key Starting Material For Indoramin
Vinodkumar R. Patel, Hemant T. Desai Research Article download pdf
4 A Model To Study The Effect Of Boiling On Water Borne Bacterial Diarrheal Agents
Sikandar Khan Sherwani, Akhtar Amin Memon, Sandaleen Kanwal, Ikramullah, Shahana U. Kazmi Research Article download pdf
5 Optical Textures In Liquid Crystal Mixtures
Rita A.Gharde, Jyoti R. Amare, Santosh A. Mani Research Article download pdf