Volume – 2 : Issue – 3

Archives : Volume 2, Issue 3: Apr – May 2012

Research Articles

S.No. Title Download
1 The Role Of 2, 4 –D And Naa In Callus Induction Of Achyranthes Aspera And Its Secondary Metabolite Studies download pdf
J.Senthilmanickam, A.Lakshmi Bhavani, K.Venkatramlingam, G.Chandra
2 Synthesis And Fastness Properties Of Some Noval Disperse Azo Dyes download pdf
D.G.Patel, N.K.Prajapati
3 Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of Vanadium (Iv) Complexes Of 3 – Hydroxy Flavones download pdf
Mangesh Gharpure, Ratiram Chaudhari, Harjeet Juneja, Vishwas Ingle
4 Preparation, Conductivity And Morphology Behavior Of Bis (Bidentate) Ligand And Its Chelate Polymers download pdf
Ratiram G. Chaudhary, Harjeet D. Juneja, Mangesh P. Gharpure